Hospital Negligence Attorneys

New Jersey Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Any type of medical malpractice that occurs in a hospital and causes a New Jersey patient harm is considered hospital negligence. Patients put their trust in hospital staff that they will act in a professional, ethical manner and keep the patient’s health and well-being a number one priority. But this does not always happen. Hospital negligence can be executed by any member of the hospital staff, from doctors and nurses to pharmacists and technicians.

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Why Hospital Negligence Occurs

Hospitals are busy facilities that treat hundreds and thousands of patients each day. Sometimes these establishments are understaffed, or employees are overworked or under-trained. These factors can all contribute to hospital negligence. Substance abuse by hospital staff can also increase the chance of substandard patient care.

It is devastating when innocent patients suffer at the hands of their respected and trusted doctors. Some situations that may be classified as hospital negligence include:

  • Surgery without patient consent
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Birth injuries
  • Delayed diagnosis or a misdiagnosed condition
  • Medical device error or equipment malfunction
  • Physical abuse
  • Keeping patients in an over-medicated state
  • Prescription medication errors
  • Sexual abuse or misconduct
  • Surgical instruments left in the body
  • Bacterial infections that should have been prevented

Proving Hospital Negligence

In order to win your hospital negligence case, you must prove that the hospital staff acted unreasonably and that this action directly caused you harm. Keep in mind that a hospital employee is not negligent simply because his or her efforts were unsuccessful. In addition, any failure to treat is not considered negligence if it was an accepted option at the time, based on the information the doctor had (or should have had available).

Compensation for hospital negligence can range from money to cover medical expenses and lost wages to non-monetary damages to compensate for emotional suffering and loss of quality of life.

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